In Memory of Mike Starr.

This is a tribute video I found in memory of Mike Starr who passed way earlier today in Utah. I just found out a few hours ago and I completely broke down. I was on browsing the news sites on my phone when I saw the partial headline of, “Alice in Chains bassist Mike…” I clicked it quickly and said, “what! what! what!” to myself in fear of the worst. The whole headline: Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr found dead.” I typed in his name on my computer to see if any other articles showed up about it, hoping to God is wasn’t real but sadly, it was.

I’m really devastated right now and really, at a loss for words. I just saw him on Celebrity Rehab last year and he did a comeback episode as well, which at the time he was six months sober. He looked so good too, you could see the “star” in him again. Even the other rehab patients – current and former- noticed the difference in him. All I keep seeing in my head is him with his headphones telling one of the people in charge of the rehab that he always listens to Alice in Chains to hear Layne’s voice because Layne was his best friend and that’s the only way he could hear him now. I also see Nancy telling the rehab patients that drugs are serious, death is a serious, and “once you’re gone, you’re gone. that’s it.” I also remember Nancy and Mike talking about Layne’s death, something they’ve needed to do for a long time.

But now Mike is gone, and even though it breaks my heart, the only peace I find is that he’s with Layne now, his best friend and fellow rocker in heaven. I know they’ll watch out for each other and they can’t be anymore safe than what they are now.

Rest in Peace, Mike Starr. I’ll never forget you.


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