Cath…by Death Cab for Cutie.

This is the song that officially made me become a Death Cab fan. I did like their other song, “Soul Meets Body,” but it wasn’t enough for me to start looking for other songs by them. Ironically, I had heard yet another song by them in a store almost a year later and was actually looking for it when I stumbled upon “Cath…” instead. I can’t decide if it was  the intro music that made me love it, or if it was the way he said “Cath” throughout the song. Ben Gibbard is amazing, and he has a beautiful voice.

Death Cab released a new single today from their upcoming album, Codes and Keys, out May 31st. There new track is called “You Are A Tourist” but unfortunately, there’s isn’t any live videos or an official video yet. So instead, I settled on the first song that made me fall in love with Ben…

Get the “…” after Ben?


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