Watchin’ You by KISS.

1976. Four years old. Loved music. Shuffling through my older cousin’s record collection and…what’s this? Am I looking at men, monsters, evil deities from some alien planet? My reading skills were sufficiently developed to allow me to identify the word KISS. In the top right hand corner read ALIVE! At that moment my life was, at the risk of sounding overly profound, changed forever. This was the song that first attracted me to their music. As I grew up as “the biggest KISS fan in the world” I steered more towards Paul Stanley’s songs but nevertheless, this was The One. Thirty plus years later and multiple members have come and gone but I am one of the few who believe that KISS is KISS. It doesn’t matter who the individuals are. The idea and the concept is what attracted me and still brings out that four year old child in me every time.


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