Seein’ Red by Unwritten Law.

When this song first came out in 2002, I loved it. In fact, it was one of those tracks on the radio countdowns I mentioned in another entry. Whenever I hear it I think about 8th grade; my first crush, my best friend at the time who moved out of state, and a girl I’ve known since I was kid who was after the guy I had the crush on.

Scott Russo, lead singer of the band, stated that the song is about how he felt his ex-girlfriend felt about him, it’s taken from her point of view towards him.

Things with the guy didn’t work out because we went to different schools and didn’t see each other too often. The girl who was after him eventually became his girlfriend. Ironically, I remember one of them saying they were listening to this very song on their way to a school trip somewhere.  I wasn’t sure where I stood with him but it took me years before I forgave that girl, who later went to high school with me.  As for the guy, he pretty much turned into a jerk and though I’ve talked to him on and off throughout the past few years, I still think back to those times in 8th grade…


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