Something by the Beatles

I can not really add anything to the matter of the Beatles that hasn’t been said by countless others before me. The Fab Four managed to find themselves in the right place at the right time. Were they on to something nobody else had ever thought of? I doubt it. Yet they were the first to be snatched up by the predecessors of today’s morbid fascination with the “in thing”. Were they great at what they did? Absolutely. Myself, I’ve always been far more enamoured with George Harrison’s music than Lennon or McCartney’s. A little too sappy and peace-love for my liking. I guess I’m a little more pragmatic than that, though everyone says I’m a cynic. But they called Carlin a cynic as well, and he is one of my few heroes. But I digress. This is my favorite Beatles tune and always has been. Even with the lovey-dovey lyrics, there seems to be a sincerity and earnest feel in their content. One of the greats.


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