Karma Police by Radiohead.

This song will forever remind me of a guy named Nick who I went to college with. He’s actually the guy you used to see in the blog’s main photo, though he doesn’t know because I doubt he ever saw it. I took the photo sometime last year and thought it was cool. The first time I saw him was at a campus show called Sub Spots at the time. He was with two other guys then and they were pretty good.  I always saw him solo after that, he’d walk in out of nowhere in sweatpants and a t-shirt and someone would randomly ask him to play on stage for open mic night. He’d usually say sure, would borrow someone’s guitar, and hit the stage.

I always called him the “guy with the powerful voice” when I was with my friends because that’s the only way they knew who I was talking about. “Karma Police” was one of the songs he’d always perform and it was amazing. I never knew much of Radiohead music, so I guess you can say he introduced me to this song and I’ve liked it ever since.

If he happens to see this entry, he’ll most likely be surprised because we don’t talk that much at all, but we are friends on Facebook. So if you see this Nick, yes you are the one I’m talking about!


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