Bell Bottom Blues by Derek and the Dominoes

I will continue my pattern of including on this site some of my favorite guitar players. Eric Clapton was known by many as simply “God” long before my existence on earth. That’s a mighty title for sure but one I can live with. He plays the blues. Period. He’s one of the very few white guys to come by it honestly and when he plays it, he sounds true. He feels it and that is what playing the blues is all about, not playing 64th notes in 9/8 time. This track I feel best defines Clapton for me and is also a blues song that he wrote as opposed to his many stellar cover tunes he’s done over a nearly fifty year career. Listen to the guitar, listen to the vocals and simply look at the Derek and the Dominoes “Layla” album cover from 1970. Remember before 1981, when we didn’t see music videos? All we had was great album artwork. If the music wasn’t enjoyable, it didn’t matter what the band looked like or presented visually.


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