Dig by Incubus.

Dig is the second single released from Incubus’ sixth studio album, Light Grenades, in 2007. It hit the radio right around the time I was finishing up my Freshman year of college and also taking summer classes so I could enroll in a journalism class only being offered in the Fall semesters.

Whenever I hear this song, I think about the first guy I ever really liked at Stevenson. But, I also think about my summer English class. One of the projects we had to do involved choosing a song and evaluating the lyrics in order to come up with our personal interpretation of it. It was a two-person project, and ironically I ended up working with a friend of the guy I liked, but she had no idea I had feelings for him. Either way, we chose this song because we both liked Incubus, and we wrote up a paper and created a Powerpoint presentation for it.

I remember Incubus was holding a contest for this song and fans could send in their animated creations for the video. The band then chose their favorite and it was used in the final cut with shots of Incubus singing throughout the song. If you’re interested in seeing the original video, click here.


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