Reptile by The Church.

Led by dreamy-eyed Steve Kilbey (though Marty, the guitar player seen first, is my favorite!), this Australian rock band did pretty well in the late 1980’s. Their biggest hits, “Reptile” and “Under the Milky Way,” are still often heard on the radio throughout the world. You should at least recognize one of the two songs, if not both. In the U.S., “Under the Milky Way” was actually used in a Milky Way candy commercial sometime last year I believe. Unlike most bands, these guys are still together and continue to make albums under an independent label.

I first heard this song shortly after the launch of Jack FM on the East Coast. Stations here are often very repetive with playlists and Jack is always playing songs that aren’t heard as often. “Reptile” was one of these songs and I instantly took a liking to it. I ended up following Steve’s career into Jack Frost, a side project he did with one of my favorite guys, the late Grant McLennan. From there, I started liking The Go-Betweens, a very successful Austalian rock band in the 1980’s. (I’ll be doing an entry for them soon!)

So aside from some great songs, The Church & especially Steve Kilbey, set a path for me to a formerly unknown part of music history. ❤


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