I Remember Now/Anarchy X/Revolution Calling by Queensryche

Queensryche was the original Seattle hard rock/heavy metal band nearly a decade before grunge hit the mainstream. “Operation Mindcrime” was in hindsight, probably a risky album to make in 1988. Concept albums were not in vogue at the time and I remember quite a few people calling them geek/nerd rock. I and many others thought far differently. These guys were musicians who took their music far more seriously than their image. They began as essentially a stateside Iron Maiden with the dueling guitars and the high tenor/soprano/falsetto vocals and screams. They would morph into a very unique and original band. On this particular album they hit their stride and then some. Though “Empire” would make them a household name in the beginning of the 90’s (Silent Lucidity, Jet City Woman etc.), this album established their identity. I Remember Now, Anarchy X and Revolution Calling were the opening tracks. Revolution Calling may be 23 years old but is probably more timely now then it was then. This video happens to have the lyrics as well so if your not familiar with the song, check them out and you’ll see exactly what I mean.


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