Staying Alive by the Bee Gees

First of all, I am prepared (I think) to take the savage beatings I’m going to get for posting this song. To rock and rollers like myself, the late 70s era is the nadir of music due to one single word…disco. Yeah, it was predictable (who the hell did the math to figure out that 128 beats a minute was the best meter to dance to anyway?) and overly electronic and all the horrible things associated with it. This was the theme song of the movie that etched into American cinematic history the world of disco, Saturday Night Fever. This is the band that brought disco to the forefront of music. They would of course, pay dearly for it when the inevitable backlash came as well.  The Bee Gees had been around for quite some time before this but only recently had Barry Gibb discovered his unmistakable falsetto leanings. On paper, this song should probably be despised by me. Perhaps I have matured enough to relinquish my jaded and arrogant ideas of what good music is. The bottom line is that I can’t help but feel springy when I hear this track and most notorious of all, I continue humming it for the rest of the day. Forgive me!

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