Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.

This song is about longing for the attention of someone. It reminds me of the last guy I ever liked at college before I graduated. We first met about two years prior and it was just instant. But he was always so confusing, not even his friends could figure him out. You never knew what he was really thinking and he wasn’t one to tell you either. He never stayed in one place too long and you were lucky to actually run into him. During senior year we finally started hanging out and talking more, mostly because we’d see each other every Tuesday and Thursday. His class was over when mine would just start and it was in the same room.

Not surprisingly, things didn’t work out. As I got to know him I started to realize that he had a lot of issues with his family and probably many other people, which ultimately caused him to be a very closed up person. He started drinking more towards our last year and possibly using drugs. It was really difficult for me to deal with because I really cared about him. This week actually marks a year since I last saw him. Even though it’s been so long now, a part of me still misses him and wonders where he is now.

Off in the night, while you live it up, I’m off to sleep. Waging wars to shape the poet and the beat. I hope it’s gonna make you notice , I hope it’s gonna make you notice…someone like me.


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