Tie Your Mother Down by Queen

Queen were one of those bands you couldn’t really pigeonhole into any category as they seemed to progress through different phases throughout their career. Freddie Mercury was a truly incredible singer who knew how to command a crowd. Even though I consider myself a rather socially conservative individual, I find the derogatory comments I’ve heard over the years about his personal lifestyle horribly misguided and quite frankly, ridiculous. Freddie Mercury was an iconic frontman who mastered his artform in every way. His death shocked the rock and roll world in 1991 (he died on the same day as Eric Carr of KISS) and brought musicians out of the woodwork to perform at his tribute concert. Tie Your Mother Down has always been my favorite Queen song due to the perfect combination of Brian May’s guitar and the fantastic vocal combination of Mercury and drummer Roger Taylor. This is one ass-kickin’ tune and for it to sound so good live is a great testament to just how good these guys were.


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