How’s It Going to Be by Third Eye Blind.

I went through a time when Third Eye Blind was one of my favorite bands. They’re not on my top ten anymore but I still love this song. Released in 1997, it was a single from their debut and self-titled album.

This song is about questioning what the future will be like once a relationship ends and the other person isn’t in their life anymore. As time passes, it eventually feels like you never knew them. How is it going to be once that happens? There’s no real answer.  The relationship described in the song is obviously not a good one, they have their arguments and they want to get out. But despite all the fights, you just can’t help but wonder what it will be like when they’re gone from your life.

Time changes, you might not even be in the same place you were years ago. You lose contact with people that knew both of you and that connection becomes nonexistent. The person you’d always talk to is not there this time and you have to learn the best way you can to move forward.

It’s a sad thing to lose touch with people and yet it happens all too often. Do you remember wondering how it would be without the one you loved by your side?


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