Guarded by Disturbed

When it comes to basically any heavy metal after 1991, I really lost interest and became what I always feared…old fashioned in my musical sensibilities! Linkin Park, no. Godsmack, bubblegum metal. Korn, hell no. Limp Bizkit, for the love of god kill it with fire! Something about Disturbed did pique my interest though. Maybe it was just the simplicity of a singer, a guitarist, a bass player and a drummer playing pseudo-angry music that was loud and had your basic 4/4 in your face beat. Although the singer has a peculiar tendency to squawk out some sort of macaque monkey howl occasionally, I do find much of their music pretty enjoyable. This song nails it pretty well. Probably has something to do with the guitar riff which, though done a million times in various fashions  still hits me right in the gut and I appreciate that.


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