Clocks by Coldplay

I am not a general fan of straight ahead pop music and never have been but this song has grown on me over the past seven or eight years and make no mistake, this is pure pop that is very well crafted and very well produced. Coldplay and this song in particular came out a time in my life when I was in big trouble but didn’t have the sense to recognize it yet. The opening piano (which essentially continues throughout the entire track) still haunts me to this day. Somehow, it has become a song that puts a smile on my face although it brings up such dark memories more than any other song I can think of. I guess it brings to life the fact that I made it through the self induced stupor that clouded my reality so deeply early in this decade. I not only made it but I continue to grow and know that happiness is something I deserve and if I’m willing to accept the lessons in life, nothing will stop me from achieving just that!

For some peculiar reason, you’ll have to click the link in order for the song to play. Perhaps Ashley can fix that part.


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