Minority by Green Day

Green Day is one of those bands that on paper, I should have no interest whatsoever in what they do or why they do it. Yet for some reason, I’ve grown fond of them. At first, I thought it was ridiculous for some chump from Oakland to try and sound like a limey. I guess I just really didn’t get it at that time. Looking back now, they appear to be one of the biggest influences on the newer rock bands (from what little I’ve allowed to play on the radio before immediately changing the station). They took a punk sound and to a lesser extent, a punk attitude and added just enough melody to appeal to the masses. I don’t think they sold out at all. They just made it big. Had they been a one hit wonder perhaps I would have laughed them off but their musical craftsmanship and songwriting has steadily progressed and obviously hit quite a plateau with “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” in 2004. I think the biggest appeal to me is bassist Mike Dirnt’s background vocals. Not since Michael Anthony in Van Halen have I ever heard such perfect harmonies in regards to rock and roll. This is and always has been my favorite Green Day song. More “feel good” music for your ears!



2 thoughts on “Minority by Green Day

  1. Yuckie! As a East bay girl, I have to say YUCK. As A puck from The East Bay I do not feel Green Day does anything for me! I guess I am a Rancid kinda girl! Thank God for Rancid!!

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