Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins.

Phil Collins was inspired to write this song after his visit to Washington, D.C. and seeing the overwhelming number of homeless people. It was released in 1989 from the album, “…But Seriously.” The song delivers a message that these people shouldn’t be ignored because of what’s happened to them or who they are. In the song a homeless woman tries to talk to a wealthy man but he ignores her, he doesn’t want to be associated with her at all. The chorus then asks the listener if there’s anything we (the world) can do to fix this because no one should have to live in poverty. And they shouldn’t be ignored either.

But to me, this song has recently taken on a new meaning and it has nothing to do with being homeless. It’s about “status” and the fact that if you’re a “nobody,” you’ll always be ignored by someone who is “somebody.” I don’t know what it is exactly but it always makes me think of Hollywood & all the snobs. I guess the perfect example could be getting the opportunity to meet a favorite actor/actress, musician, whatever. You are all excited about it because you like/love/adore them but your idol just passes you by and ignores every single world you’ve said. Or maybe they’ll talk to you for a second if money is involved but once it’s over, it’s over. They want nothing to do with you. In other words, they live in Paradise and you’re…a face in the crowd.


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