Right In Two by TOOL

So, for my second TOOL entry I’ve decided to go with Right In Two from their last (as of 2011) CD 10,000 Days. I obviously have an appreciation first of all for the waltz meter that carries the verses. I’m not real sure when I became so enamoured with a 3/4 time signature but it has become one of my favorites. Of course once the song kicks into the aggressive crunchy part, it’s not too bad either though for the life of me, I can’t figure out if it’s in 11/8 or three measures of 3/4 followed by one measure of 2/4 but I digress and I’m quite certain none of you cares about such drivel anyway. As to the lyrics, like most TOOL songs the words are secondary to the music and can be interpereted to mean many things. I perceive it as a sad realization of the perils that man faces due to his greed and lust for more of everything. The song begins so soft and tranquil and ends with the typical twitchy and anxious vibe that I’ve come to admire from TOOL, separated by none other than Danny Carey himself playing a Mandala (a very expensive electronic trigger/drum pad) solo intertwining perfectly to create another masterpiece worthy of my favorites list.



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