The Oath by KISS

Ok. I know what you’re thinking. This freakin’ jerk posted another damn KISS song! Enough already! Well, I didn’t intend to but I happened to find this video from 1981 of them performing on the TV show “Fridays”. During this era, there were very few live television performances other than on SNL. Add to the fact that this is KISS who notoriously grossly overdubbed all of their live albums, and you’ve got a pretty rare sight indeed! Not only that but this is not exactly a well known KISS song by anyone other than their hardcore fans. The album it came from “Music From the Elder”  is infamous among musical historians because of the obvious attempt at a concept album by a band that is in no way associated with such a thing. This song has always stood out for me not only on this album but just for being a great KISS tune. This album marked the nadir for KISS and began to clear the path for them to remove the makeup in 1983 in what I believe was a desperate attempt to regain relevance with “Lick It Up”. Unfortunately, the album between these two “Creatures of the Night” also became a sort of forgotten album when in my opinion, it is still one of their best.

I promise I will not post another KISS song for at least 30 days!



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