I Alone by Live.

Ed Kowalczyk is another one of those singers with a distinct voice that can always be recognized. He’s also no disappointment live – he sounds just like he does on the original studio recordings.

I Alone was the second single released off the album Throwing Copper in 1994. It reached #6 on Billboard’s modern rock tracks and was one of their many songs discussing religion. Kowalczyk stated, “People think I Alone is a love song but it really wasn’t. The lyrics were more abstract, encompassing a much larger message.” He also explains the line, “The greatest of teachers won’t hesitate to leave you there by yourself chained to fate,” by saying that a profound lesson he derived from studying Christian teachings was that religion and truth must be found for oneself and practiced, rather than just accepting the word of others.”

Unfortunately, the band split up in 2009 with no mention of a reunion. There was a disagreement between the three other members and Kowalczyk related to money and deceit.  The band’s lead guitarist, Chad Taylor, addressed the issue here.


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