Elva (I’m Alright) by Unwritten Law.

Unwritten Law has been around since 1991 but they weren’t well-known until the release of their album Elva in 2001. It produced two successful tracks, Rest of My Life and Seein’ Red, the most successful (featured in a past entry). I listened to this album a lot in middle school and I’m pretty sure I still have it.

Another good song from the album, which never made a single, was the title track, Elva (I’m Alright). I used to always love the music. It’s hard to interpret the meaning of the song but maybe the person referenced to has a lot of responsibility and he’s never alone which is really frustrating. He’s also nervous and possibly feeling hopeless. The only relief he finds from the world he lives in is the girl he loves. And the same goes for her who misses him.

Just sing that song to me, goes I’m in love with you in love with me.


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