Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears.

Another 80’s hit that is known by almost everyone, Everybody Wants to Rule the World was released in March of 1985 from the album, Songs from the Big Chair. It RULED the charts with the #1 place in the Hot 100 and Dance Music. It also ranked #2 in Adult Contemporary and Rock Tracks. Outside of the US, it made #2 in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

As I’ve mentioned with other songs on the blog, this track was a last minute addition to the album and wasn’t expected to be such a big hit. It wasn’t set to be included on the album at first because they didn’t think it fit with the other songs. The meaning behind the track is quite obvious – it’s about the quest for power and how it can have unfortunate consequences.

In an interview with Mix magazine, the band’s producer explained that they spent months working on “Shout,” and near the end of the sessions, Roland Orzabal (TFF’s singer and songwriter) came into the studio and played two simple chords on his acoustic guitar, which became the basis for the song. “Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ was so simple and went down so quickly, it was effortless, really. In fact, as a piece of recording history, it’s bland as hell.”

All I can say is: that “bland as hell” track became a beloved song in 80’s history. Shows how much he knows!


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