There Is No God by Extreme

This is not what the masses think of when they picture Extreme. They were essentially known for More Than Words and Hole Hearted, two songs that though very good, were much mellower acoustic tunes and were in no way similar to There Is No God from 1995’s Waiting For The Punchline. The title itself may be a bit off putting to some (if they don’t listen to all of the lyrics) but those are generally the same type of people that said KISS worshiped the devil in 1977 and those people were and still are idiots! I was first intrigued by the guitar work in Extreme back in 1990 as Nuno Bettencourt is one of the most original rhythm guitar players out there. His leads though were more shred and speed than tasty and suitable to the song. At least up until this album! Suddenly, Extreme released this totally stripped down bare bones album with literally no production whatsoever. Add to that, nearly the whole disc’s worth of guitar is recorded though an old Fender Vibrolux amplifier which is used to its maximum potential in both the beginning and ending of this track. A kick ass if not oddly peculiar song.


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