One by Creed

Aside from their first album My Own Prison in 1997 (from which this track comes) Creed was pretty hit and miss for me. Oddly they became a target for critics everywhere after this point I think mainly due to Scott Stapp’s peculiar stage presence. This song (along with Torn) immediately struck a chord with me first for the music and then the lyrics as I listened to the song more often. Though I don’t get much into socially conscious music, the lyrics do relate to my philosophy. I’m certainly not what you would call a “people person” but can’t help but wonder sometimes why we, as a human race can’t seem to get our sh*t together and work to make things better for all of us. In my opinion money, religion and especially the media has done more to damage at least OUR COUNTRY than anything else. Quite honestly, something tells me the USA is on the verge of something really revolutionary. I just hope it’s for the better of us all.


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