Get It Up by Chickenfoot

Ariba ariba! This song absolutely, without question kicks some serious ass! First off you’ve got Joe Satriani who actually dumbed down his legendary guitar playing for Chickenfoot. And you know what? He sounds better than he ever has! Then you’ve got Chad Smith who has got to be one of the hardest hitting drummers out there (just listen to Give It Away from the Chili Peppers’ BloodSugarSexMagic). As for Michael Anthony, he is bar none, the best background singer to ever grace a rock and roll stage and certainly knows how to keep the bottom end moving right along. How the hell the Van Halen brothers could let him go the world will never know. That leaves none other than the Red Rocker himself. Sammy Hagar. The guy can sing like no other and speaking of Van Halen, I’ll take him over David Lee Roth anyday. He’s been around forever and obviously has a great time doing what he does and that is what makes him so good. Ashley sent me their CD when it came out and I immediately liked it but didn’t pay too close attention to this track until my five year old son decided he loved it and wanted to hear it every time we got into the car. That’s my boy and he’s already got great taste in music. I of course have to admit that the only music he really hears is mine to begin with but still…



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