In Loving Memory: Dan Peek (1950-2011).

Remember my America entry a while back? Remember how I mentioned to a friend that I thought one of the guys was cute back then & ironically I stopped seeing their albums shortly after? Well, Dan Peek was that member and not only do I not see the albums, now I won’t see or hear anything about him anymore…. Sadly, he passed away on July 24th at the age of 60.

I just discovered the news in a Rolling Stone article. I’m heartbroken that he’s gone and upset that I didn’t know until now. The reason I didn’t hear about it is that he died the same weekend as Amy Winehouse and her death took over the headlines while Dan’s was kinda pushed back in the shadows. Rolling Stone had pages dedicated to Amy but only one little section of a page for Dan. Not fair. Seriously.

Everytime I turn around, another person I liked is gone. And I was just at his website last month, it might have been just days before he died. Now his page simply says, “Dan went to Heaven on July 24th” along with a live performance of “Lonely People” which I’ve also featured in this entry.

To see my entry about America, click HERE.

I also want to add that Dan was definitely admirable. During his America days & like many other musicians, he got wrapped up in the world of sex, drugs, & rock n’ roll. He talked about it in interviews & in his autobiography saying he got to a point where everything became a complete mess and he wanted to get away from all of it, even music. He didn’t want to live that lifestyle anymore. One day at home he asked God for help, became a born-again Christian, changed his lifestyle which included leaving America, and became completely clean of all drugs & alcohol. Not many people find the strength to do that but he did and that’s amazing.

Rest in Peace, Dan.


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