Crazy On You by Heart.

It doesn’t take much to recognize this song – all you need is the intro and you know exactly who/what song it is.

Crazy On You was released in 1976 from the album, Dream Boat Annie. The story behind the lyrics are questionable because the sisters tend to change their answers each time the subject comes up. Things that have been said: a response to the stress caused by the Vietnam War and social unrest in the United States in the early seventies (Private Sessions), and being written about Mike Fisher (original Heart guitarist) who Ann was dating at the time. However, many more answers have been given and are easily found on the internet.

I always noticed how it’s so somber in the verses but then the chorus changes the whole tone of the song. The “craziness” is brought out in Ann’s voice instantly.

Above is a classic performance from 1976.


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