Where Were You by Sweet Talk Radio.

Most people know this song from Joan of Arcadia, a CBS drama that aired from 2003-2005. If I remember correctly, it’s in the scene where Joan breaks up with Adam after she finds out he cheated on her. Fans were really upset over this break-up. In fact, the series actors, Amber Tamblyn and Christopher Marquette, tried to talk producers into re-writing the script but it never happened. The series was cancelled at the end of the second season and it was left unknown if Joan & Adam would ever get back together.

Where Were You was written by husband-wife team Kathrin Shorr & Tim Burlingame. It was released on their debut album My Hallelujah. Their album did very well in their home of Los Angeles and received positive reviews. They have shared the stage with Colin Hay, Shawn Colvin, Glen Phillips, and Kenny Loggins among others.

I really love the lyrics in this song. You said you’d find me no matter how I got lost. Where were you when I needed you most?


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