Across the Way by Aleka’s Attic.

There’s a lot of tributes this week. Today’s entry is for River Phoenix, who would have celebrated his 41st birthday today…

Most people know River as an actor. He was Chris Chambers in Stand By Me, Charlie Fox in The Mosquito Coast, Jeff Grant in Little Nikita, Mike Waters in My Own Private Idaho, and the list goes on…

But River also had an interest in music since he was child. He and his younger sister Rain formed a band called Aleka’s Attic in the late 80’s. Island Records wanted to sign them but River’s work schedule conflicted with recording in the studio. Unfortunately, an album would never be released due to River’s death in October of 1993.  Another beautiful person taken away by drugs.

Across the Way was featured on a 1989 PETA album called Tame Yourself. Live videos of the band are very rare so the video above is just audio with a photo of the band. River is in the back row, center.

Happy Birthday, River Phoenix. I wish you were still here. I know you could have done so many great things in this world…


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