Losing a Whole Year by Third Eye Blind.

A break from tributes today. I heard this song last night and thought I would write about it for today’s entry. It’s actually older than I thought it was, no wonder lead singer Stephan Jenkins looks so different. (Not saying it’s a bad thing, just saying.)

Losing a Whole Year was released in 1998 from their self-titled debut album. It gained positive reviews from music critics and one writer from SPIN magazine called it, “one of the band’s catchiest songs.” The song also made Billboard at number #13 and stayed there for 14 weeks.

According to Jenkins, the song “started from a riff that Kevin (Cadogan) was playing on the guitar. The words were how that riff made me feel. The story is just lamenting the end of a relationship and all of its wasted time.”  Jenkins later stated at a concert that the song is about a rich girl from Bernal Heights. The band had originally wanted to make two videos for the song but only one was released.


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