Eyes Without a Face by Billy Idol.

Billy Idol. The rebel. The bad boy of the 80’s. The rocker with the sneer. He hasn’t changed too much. Well, except for the Christmas album he did about five years ago. Surprising, huh? I thought so too. He still looks great though. See him HERE.

My friend and I from college had a “Billy obsession” for a while. He was just cool. We used to watch his videos, somehow managing to miss him flipping off the camera in the music video for Sweet Sixteen. His commercial for IKEA was hilarious. We had an inside joke about being smokin’ smokin. Confused? See the 2001 commercial HERE. It’s…different. Haha.

Anyways, Eyes Without a Face was released in 1984 from Billy’s second album Rebel Yell. He and guitarist Steve Stevens wrote the song and it was inspired by the 1960 French film, Les yeux sans visage. The title should sound familiar, it’s sung by Perri Lister (Idol’s former girlfriend & mother of his son, Willem) in the backing vocals throughout the track. It went to #4 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #5 on Mainstream Rock Tracks.

Wow, does he actually smile in the fade at :34?? I just noticed that! There’s always something new in a classic Billy Idol video…


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