I Want You by Savage Garden.

I remember this song when I was a kid. I had a bike with a radio I’d listen to when I rode around the neighborhood. Almost every afternoon I’d hear this song. I remember a neighbor kid liked it too, we always called it the “cherry cola song.”

I Want You had a US release in February of 1997 and was released in Australia about eight months earlier. It is from their self-titled debut album. The song was super successful in the United States making #1 in Top 40 Mainstream, #1 in Adult Contemporary, #2 in Adult Top 40, and #4 in the Hot 100.

There are two versions of the video, a low budget one that was released in Australia and a higher budget one for US and international release. The video above is the second version, directed by Nigel Dick. He has also worked with other bands such as Oasis, The Offspring, Guns N’ Roses, Tears for Fears, Hinder, and Nickelback.

The band released one more album, Affirmation, before breaking up in 2001. Singer Darren Hayes went onto a solo career and Daniel Jones started his own production company and recording studio. Unfortunately, there are no plans for a reunion.


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