I’ll Remember by Madonna.

I had completely forgotten about this song until I heard it on the radio today. I thought it fit well for today’s entry since I’ve been thinking about a lot of people lately. Most recently it’s been Dan Peek. I wrote a page and a 1/2 letter to his brother two days ago and he wrote back thanking me, saying it was comforting to the family. I only wish I would have written to Dan when he was still alive. It’s something I will forever regret.

Yesterday I found a full pack of cigarettes on the ground and I threw them in the trash. It was a small action but it made me feel really good. I felt like I made a difference. I also thought about Corey Haim as I tossed it because he used to smoke a lot. Even though he’s not here anymore, I think a part of me was doing that for him.

So this is where I’ll Remember comes in. It’s about looking back and holding onto memories of people, places, and things in  life. The song was released in 1994 and was on the soundtrack for With Honors starring Joe Pesci and Brendan Fraser. Today was the first time I saw this music video or heard of this movie. It looks like it’s good so I’m going to try to find it. You’ll see some clips throughout the music video.

And I’ll remember the strength that you gave me now that I’m standing on my own. I’ll remember the way that you saved me, I’ll remember…


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