My Hero by Foo Fighters.

Today’s request. Do you have a hero in your life? Someone who has guided or inspired you? Someone that has saved your life? Are they famous? Are they a  family member or a friend?

Everyone has a hero at sometime in their lives. Think about yours for today’s entry.

My Hero was released as a single in 1998 from the album, The Colour and The Shape. Lead singer Dave Grohl stated that the song is about ordinary, everyday heroes as he himself never had any musical or sports heroes growing up as a child.

In 1998, Grohl did an interview with UK magazine NME and talked about some of his heroes. “The thing that I hold so dear when it comes to my heroes is, you wouldn’t know them,” he says, pointedly. “One of them is Jimmy Swanson. Another one is Pete Stahl. Another one is Chip Donaldson. These are people I’ve grown up with and gained enormous amounts of respect for, in being just very normal people: strong, solid, respectable people. I think that throughout all of this crazy music bullshit that has happened in the last eight years, I’ve needed these people as a foundation. They’re very close friends. They’re like family, ‘basically.”

The song made #6 on Billboard’s Hot Modern Rock Tracks and #8 on Mainstream Rock Tracks. It’s been covered by various bands including The Red Jump Suit Apparatus and Paramore.


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