Friday I’m in Love by The Cure.

Such the perfect song for a Friday, right? Did anyone fall in love today?

Friday I’m in Love was released in May of 1992 from the The Cure’s 9th album, Wish. It was the second single. While lead singer Robert Smith was writing the song, he became convinced that he had inadvertently stole the chord progression from somewhere. He couldn’t figure out where though so he called everyone he could think of, played the song, and asked if they had ever heard it before. No one had and it became pretty clear it was indeed his work.  He just couldn’t believe that no one else had come up with it before.

The song lyrics are quite simple, it’s about someone who loves their significant other on Fridays but could care less the rest of the week. The whole concept might sound ridiculous but who knows, it could happen! That’s what makes the song so creative.

It was a  hit in the US making #1 on Billboard’s Hot Modern Rock Tracks and #18 on the Hot 100. It also made #3 in Canada, #4 in Ireland, and #6 in the UK.

You’ll have to click play and then the external link to watch the official video above.


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