Naked by Goo Goo Dolls.

I don’t really listen to Goo Goo Dolls so much anymore, I feel like their music has changed over the years. A little softer and more love songs though Iris was a great hit.

Naked was released in 1995 from the album A Boy Named Goo. It was the second single following their breakthrough hit, Name. This is actually one of my favorite songs and I had no idea it was ever a single until today. I never hear it on the radio, not even on Sirius.

I think the song is about loneliness. The person is trying to call out to someone, anyone, but no one is there to listen. The chorus, You’re naked inside your fear, you can’t take back all those tears. The shots in the dark from emptied guns are never heard by anyone. Never heard by anyone, suggest the person feels regret and may have committed suicide. And just like they lived in loneliness, they died alone as well.

The video above is a live performance at Red Rocks.


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