All Through the Night by Cyndi Lauper.

I completely forgot that Cyndi sang this song until I saw it in an 80’s video montage today. I guess I just associate her with Time After Time more than anything else.  Anyways, I decided to use it for today’s entry.

All Through the Night was released as a single in September 1984 from the album, She’s So Unusual. It was written by Jules Shear and originally intended for his solo album. After Cyndi sang it, the song quickly became a top 5 hit. (Side Note: Remember the band ‘Til Tuesday? Jules & lead singer Aimee Mann were once a couple, she even wrote a song about him on her album, Everything’s Different Now).

According to Wikipedia, The Cars also recorded an early version of this but it was never released. The song debuted at #49 on Billboard and moved up to #5 by the tenth week. It also made #4 in Canada and was certified gold. Several sources state that an official video was never made for the song. Above is a live performance.


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