Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills & Nash.

So by now you know I love to read comments on Youtube about the particular song I’m researching. Not surprisingly, this had a lot of great comments. Many of the people used to sail and it reminded them of being at sea with their family and friends. Some of them said this song changed their life. Others associate it with all sorts of memories from when the song was released. And all of them remember owning the vinyl at one point.

Southern Cross was released as a single in June of 1982 from the album, Daylight Again. Stephen Stills sings the lead vocals. It peaked at #18 on the charts.

The song is about a man who sails the world after a failed relationship. The singer takes comfort in the ocean, particularly the Southern Cross, which is a constellation that sailors in the Southern Hemisphere navigate. The idea came from another song, “Seven League Boots” by Rick and Michael Curtis. Stills stated that it is a wonderful song, but it drifted around too much. As a result, he changed the chorus and rewrote some verses relating it to his recent divorce.

“It’s about using the power of the universe to heal your wounds. Once again, I was given somebody’s gem and cut and polished it.”

Above is the official music video.


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