Perfect by The Smashing Pumpkins.

If there’s one music-related dream I still have, it’s to see the original line-up of The Smashing Pumpkins perform live together again. But despite all the broken up bands who say, “We’ll never get back together,” and then do a few years later, I’m fairly sure it won’t turn out that way for them.

The band’s lead, Billy Corgan, also knows the chances of a reunion are slim to nothing. In 2009 drummer Jimmy Chamberlain, who had been working with Corgan on new material, decided to call it quits again. A Rolling Stone interview revealed that he just wasn’t into it anymore. Guitarist James Iha didn’t want anything to do with SP when it reformed in 2006 & I’m not even sure if he and Billy are on good terms. Bass player D’Arcy Wretzky hasn’t been quite the same in years…in other words, she’s still struggling with personal demons.

I chose Perfect because it relates to what I talked about & it’s from my favorite SP album, Adore (1998). The song is about making amends even though it’s not always possible. It was the second single from the album & the music video continues the storyline from the 1979 music video. It went to #3 on Billboard’s Alternative Rock Songs.

The video above is from a 1998 show in Brazil. I actually think it’s one of Billy’s better performances…he sounds quite close to the original recording. But it’s also evident how odd the show feels…D’Arcy and James seem to be acting strange. It’s even evident in the introductions. Billy & Jimmy seem to be the only happy ones. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

I know we’re just like old friends, we just can’t pretend that lovers make amends...


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