Sweet Child o’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses.

This is one of those songs where people can’t help but to try mimic Axl’s vocals, especially near 3:45 and onward. His voice is ridiculous. After years of hearing the song, I think I finally got it down.

Sweet Child o’ Mine was released in August of 1988 from the album, Appetite for Destruction. It became the band’s first and only number one single in the U.S.

Lead guitarist, Slash, has stated he dislikes the song because of string skipping. The idea of the song was supposed to be a joke. However, rhythm guitarist, Izzy Stradlin, was interested and asked him to play it again. Frontman Axl Rose was upstairs in his room when he heard the jam session below. He immediately started writing lyrics, basing it off his relationship with Erin Everly.

The song originally had three sets of verses but it was cut down because the band’s producer thought the song would carry on to long. They weren’t sure of what to do for ending and that’s when Axl started saying “Where do we go…where do we go now..” and the producer said to use that. Sweet Child o’ Mine is born.

In 1999, the song was covered by Sheryl Crow and used in the movie, Big Daddy, staring Adam Sandler. Click HERE to listen to it.


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