Perfect Little Secret by Snow Patrol.

I went through a phase where I really liked Snow Patrol. Today, I have some issues with them. Don’t get me wrong, they are very talented. Frontman Gary Lightbody has a knack for writing heartfelt lyrics. But I saw some live videos on Youtube and I wasn’t too impressed. In many performances, Gary changed around the lyrics or even mixed up the lines.

On top of that, they just finished a new album which is due for UK release in November. However, it won’t get to the US until January. I know that release dates can vary but I’ve never seen one vary by two whole months. Maybe that’s out of their hands, but it still irks me.

Perfect Little Secret was released as a part of five bonus tracks from their 2006 album, Eyes Open. This particular track is a solo recording by Lightbody without the band. I found the song on iTunes a few days ago and was surprised I never heard it before. I love how the lyrics are straight forward. It definitely reminds me of someone from my past…


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