Not the Only One by Bonnie Raitt.

Whenever I hear Bonnie Raitt I instantly think of actor Michael O’Keefe. I was most familiar with him as Jackie’s husband, Fred, in Roseanne. Raitt and O’Keefe were married in 1991 but divorced in 1999. I actually didn’t realize they separated until today. Anyways, though I can’t find a source, I’m fairly certain Michael is the man she is with throughout the video. It definitely looks like him.

Not the Only One was released in June of 1991 from her 11th album, Luck of the Draw. The song was written by Irish singer-songwriter, Paul Brady. It became a single in 1992 making #2 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary and #34 on the Hot 100.

The song describes a woman who believes she’ll end up alone. She can’t seem to find the right man and the relationships never last. But like the old saying, once she stopped trying to find love, the perfect man came along and changed everything. She also discovers that she’s not the only one who feels alone.

I was in a daze, movin in the wrong direction, feelin’ that I’d always be the lonely one. Then I saw your face, on the edge of my horizon, whisperin’ that I wasn’t the only one. The lonely one.


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