Not in Love by Crystal Castles (ft. Robert Smith).

I came across this track last night while I was listening to indie artists on Youtube. I’ve never heard of Crystal Castles but how can anyone not know Robert Smith?!?! Love him. Anyways, I gave the song a listen, only because he was involved, and I really like it! The lyrics are opposite from what he usually sings about – being in love – and instead it’s about the realization that neither person is in love. Fascination ends.

Crystal Castles formed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada around 2004. The band has two members – Ethan Kath and Alice Glass though they also have touring members. When I first found this collaboration yesterday, I had to wonder how awesome it was to work with Robert. I mean, how did they even meet him? That’s awesome beyond words.

Not in Love is from their second album, Crystal Castles II, which was released in May of 2010. The album went to #3 on Billboard’s Top Heatseekers and Electronic Albums.


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