Only the Lonely by The Motels.

A classic 80’s song. There’s something about the music that I really like. Especially the piano near the end.

The Motels were a new wave band that formed in California in 1975. They were together twelve years before splitting up in 1987. In 1998, lead singer Martha Davis reformed the band with various line-ups. She continues to tour and write music.

Only the Lonely was released in April of 1982 from their third album, All Four One. The single made #9 on Billboard’s Hot 100. The album was also certified gold in both the United States and Canada by the end of 1982.

According the songfacts, Davis once talked about the song in a magazine interview: “Only the Lonely was one of those songs that was sitting on my guitar waiting for me. It literally wrote itself. It’s a song about empty success. It came about while The Motels were experiencing critical acclaim, traveling the world, riding in limos, and yet I was probably as sad as I had ever been. I was in a horrible relationship and had not yet recovered from my parents’ death (I doubt one ever does). The contradiction of these two worlds was where “Only the Lonely” lived… bittersweet.”


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