More than Words by Extreme.

Today’s entry goes out to all the people who can’t be with the one they love. Whether it be from distance, a failed relationship, or unrequited love; I hope this helps.

It really hurts when you’re in that situation. It’s hard to even describe the pain because everyone feels something different. But one thing that’s consistent: you never really get over it, you just find a way to live with it. I’ve been feeling something like that for about three years now and I know a few others who’ve felt it longer. We watch so many couples get together and we wonder, why couldn’t that have been us?

They say everything happens for a reason but sometimes love is too hard to reason with. We just have to hold on as best as we can, and hope for a sort of miracle.

More than Words was released in March of 1991 from the album, Extreme II: Pornograffiti. It was built around Nuno Bettencourt’s acoustic guitar and performed by Gary Cherone. The song is about the phrase “I love you” and how it’s become meaningless. “People use it so easily and so lightly that they think you can say that and fix everything, or you can say that and everything’s OK. Sometimes you have to do more and you have to show it – there’s other ways to say ‘I love you” Cherone stated.

The single went to number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #2 on Adult Contemporary Tracks. It was also #1 in Canada and New Zealand. Above is the official music video.

More than words is all you have to do to make it real. And you wouldn’t have to say that you love me, ’cause I’d already know…


2 thoughts on “More than Words by Extreme.

  1. I remember buying that cd when it first came out, specifically for that song, but fell in love with the whole thing. When Irve and Joe heard the whole cd they freaked–they couldn’t believe “Mom” was listening to “that.” Great music!!!

  2. Haha, that’s awesome! I liked the song since I was a kid. Actually, I was convinced that the singer was my brother because of the long hair. My mom and brother always said it wasn’t him but I didn’t believe it! haha He also used that song in his first wedding back in ’94.

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