I Can Dream About You by Dan Hartman.

I thought of writing about this song for a while but for some reason I never did. I remember putting a “Classic MTV” video montage together and included the video for this song. 80’s videos were pretty ridiculous about 95% of the time but some were okay…like this one. The outfits aren’t too insane, except for the hairstyles, and I actually like Dan’s t-shirt & blazer look with the rolled up sleeves. Pretty simple storyline, one location, a lot of extras, a sing-a-long group on television, and a little bit of dancing on a bar counter.

I Can Dream About You was released in 1984 from the album of the same name & on the soundtrack for Streets of Fire starring Michael Pare, Rick Moranis, and Diane Lane. It went to #6 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in August of that year.

According to Daryl Hall, Hartman had written the song with Hall & Oates in mind and offered it to them, but they declined. Years later, Hall & Oates released a covers album in which it was included.

Sadly, Hartman passed away in 1994 from an AIDS-related brain tumor at the age of 43. May he rest in peace.

Above is the official video. If I remember correctly, Dan’s love interest in here was the wife of the director and that’s how she got the part. It’s always good to have connections!


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