Princes of the Universe by Queen.

As I’ve stated before, I never really got into the music of Queen. However, this song has managed to be a part of my childhood. It sounds crazy but I didn’t spend my time watching kid shows when I was around 7, 8, and so on. I was watching shows like Sliders, VR.5, and Highlander. I guess I’ve always been interested in Sci-Fi/action stuff. Today’s song was the theme for the 90’s television show Highlander, starring Adrian Paul. It was also in the 1986 Highlander movie.

Princes of the Universe was written specifically for the film’s soundtrack but was also released on their twelfth album, A Kind of Magic, in June of 1986. This would be the last of Queen’s albums to be promoted with a concert tour due to the lead singer, Freddie Mercury, being diagnosed with AIDS shortly after. The album was voted #171 in the Guinness All Time Top 1000 Albums.

The single never charted in the US or UK but it has become a cult favorite among fans of both Queen and Highlander. To see the intro of the TV series, click HERE.

One thing is for sure, every time I hear this song I suddenly want to watch the show again! What about you?


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