Stripped by Depeche Mode.

I came across this song last night while watching Say Anything, a movie starring John Cusack and Ione Skye. It was briefly played during the party scene with Lili Taylor. I love the music and as soon as I heard Dave Gahan’s unmistakable vocals, I knew it was Depeche Mode.

Stripped was released on the band’s fifth studio album, Black Celebration, in March of 1986. It only became a single in the UK, charting at #15 on the Top 20. The single would be re-released in March of 1990 on Violator, the album which gave the band international fame. It would also include their hit singles, “Personal Jesus,” “Enjoy the Silence” and “Policy of Truth.”

The lyrics describe an escape from society and materialism. It’s about getting to know who someone really is without the outside world interfering. Letting your guard down.

Above is a live performance that really isn’t so “live.” Shows must have done a lot of lip syncing back then because I’ve noticed that a lot of that lately. Besides that, they look so young! Crazy.


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