Porpoise Song by The Monkees.

Today’s song is on my top ten list of Monkees tracks ever made. Micky Dolenz has one of the most beautiful voices in the world. The notes that he could hit, the gentle tone, it’s breathtaking. A perfect word to describe his vocals would be simply, “lullaby.” This particular track reminds me of The Beatles, especially when Davy comes in at the chorus. I get a little sad when he says “goodbye…goodbye…” I miss him so much…

Porpoise Song was released in September of 1968 for the band’s only movie, Head, which was directed by Jack Nicholson. It’s b-side was “As We Go Along,”  another one of my favorites featuring Micky on vocals. The lyrics were written by Gerry Coffin and Carole King. The song is featured both at the beginning and end of the movie. It went to #62 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Above is the opening scenes from Head.


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